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A glimpse into the Nightfall creative process

2023 is set to be a big year for Nightfall Comics as the company embarks on the journey to bring readers their first ever publication entitled When Night Falls. Founder Shane Almond and CEO Griffin Wagenknecht have spent a lot of time preparing the company for this very moment, however it didn't always start off this way.

Before Wagenknecht boarded the project, the company went by a different name. "The original idea was a publication house called Nocturnal Press, which specialized in YA and adult novels spanning multiple genres. In 2016 Nocturnal Press was folded into Nocturnal Fox Comics before we later rebranded as Nightfall Comics." Almond said about the early days of the now Nightfall Comics. Wagenknecht echoed the sentiment that Nightfall and the first publication has been a long time coming "I was invited to join this team in 2018, and after a few setbacks, a lot of late nights, we are finally ready to share our stories with you." 

Both Almond and Wagenknecht talk openly about their love of comics and the love for creating fantasy worlds. "I have always loved comic books. My dad introduced me from a very young age. I remember sitting in my room reading ROM and Spiderman comics. I was hooked, and I have always wanted to get involved in the comic book world one way or another. If you told me I would have my own comic book company all of those years ago I may not have believed you." Wagenknecht added about his lifelong love of comics. 

Almond spoke more intimately about creating with a friend who unfortunately passed away. "As a kid I used to immerse myself in fantasy worlds and comic universes, and it has always been a dream of mine to create worlds and universes of my own. One of my best friends as a child, used to help me to dream up stories with fantastical worlds and characters. Although he is no longer with us, I feel his influence every day which inspires me to bring those dreams to reality." He speaks from the heart when remembering his late friend. 

As they reach the moment all startups dream of reaching, the pair know they have a lot of work to do in order to catch up in the industry. "I think Nightfall has a lot of ground to make up in this large industry. It is hard to compete with some of these giants like Marvel and DC, but we have dedicated writers and a unique perspective that I think you will start to understand the more and more you read. We have a vision of what we want to tell and everything will help tell that story. We also have the unique advantage of being an indie company. In the comic book industry indie creators are getting more and more popular as they promote and encourage each other." 

Almond goes into detail about how Nightfall comics plans on taking a different approach to the medium of comics. "Something I’ve always been interested in is the idea of a comic universe but one that constantly progresses like what would happen in the lives of say you or me. So, the Nocturnalverse will be written completely in a linear format for many years to come."

All their late nights and strategy planning sessions are paying off. Wagenknecht and Almond both understand this would not be possible without all the hard work and sacrifice of those who have come on board the project.  "I always dreamed of having a comic universe on the scope of Marvel and DC but based from where I live. I later met collaborators from America, Canada, and other countries over the years, but it was when I started collaborating with our CEO, Griffin, that Nightfall evolved into a UK founded company but based in the states." Said Almond about the dream to one day start his own comic book world.

"I think Nightfall has a unique opportunity because we are a comic company founded and run by people who grew up reading comics. Many comic companies were founded years ago and may have lost a little bit of their touch with their audience and why they started writing. We hope to give writers, new and old alike, a platform to tell their stories in our universe. Nightfall is going to be a home to those who have a dream to create. That is why we were founded, because a 11 year old wanted to create." 

The focus for Nightfall right now is to generate buzz via online marketing to try and attain a fanbase who wants to adventure outside the big two.This all started as a dream but there is plenty to look forward to as 2023 approaches. The two remain as focused as the day this all began. With final thoughts Wagenknecht reflects on how this was at one point all just the dream of someone who dared to create.

"Nightfall started with a dream of an 11 year old boy who couldn't stop creating. Readers can expect action, heart break, well frankly a roller coaster. It has been a wild ride creating all of this and I think the reader will experience a similar feeling seeing what our characters can do and what we are going to put them through. I hope you guys enjoy our stories and I hope to hear plenty of feedback. This is going to be a wild ride, trust me on that. I can't wait, you are going to love it."

Almond decided to end things on a more sly note, leaving fans with a tease that you may recognize from the Nightfall Social Media pages. "Readers will be introduced to our characters and be taken on an exciting and emotional journey when we all ask the same question: What really does happen When Night Falls?"

Stay tuned for more from the Nightfall crew as 2023 approaches quickly!

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